Selwyn's branch
Tillett family gathering

Bank Holiday weekend 2004, Saturday 28th August.  A horde of Tillett-linked folks - everybody descended from Benjamin Tillett, 1821-1888 - descended on the Rectory.  (We should be good at this, having done the equivalent jamborees for the Nicholson and Skingley families in the past...) Not as large a horde as we'd hoped (the original plans took in 70 people from various continents), but as you'll see from the photos below, we weren't exactly lonely!

Click on any of the photos below for a larger version.  If you were there and want a CD with these photographs and more, at better resolution for printing, don't hesitate to ask!

The whole group in the places they appear on the printed tree

Left to right: Pamela, Mariana, Pamela Gawthrope, Fred Evans, Ben Gray, Julia Gray, Bill Davis, William Davis, Mary Davis, Amanda Davis, Anna Davis, Jane & Alan Pinder, Ben Stillwell, Beth & Jonathan Maynard, Jack & Katherine Maynard, Clair Taylor, Lisa Davies, Jonathan Curtis, Mark Henry, Rees Taylor, Peter & Shirley Tillett, Selwyn Tillett (Cassie was taking the photograph!)

The (legitimate) descendants of Ben Tillett MP Fred, Pamela, Mariana & Pamela Selwyn & Peter
Cassie & Shirley
(Just) William Mary & Selwyn Anna & Mary Mary finding the car